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Mission & Vision

Ezhuthachan is the only community in the whole of India with a hereditary glorious and noble profession, that is learning and teaching. In Brahminic tradition learning and teaching was their monopoly. This was questioned by Ezhuthachan and his community people. This may be due to their glorious Buddhist Jain tradition. Ezhuthachan samajam has a noble mission to upgrade and modernize Ezhuthachan community socially culturally economically and intellectually. We are the victims of caste system. We are duty bound to obliterate this obnoxious caste system. We are not against caste but Caste system only. Caste is our ethnic identity for all people. By strengthening our caste identity or ethnicity we can consolidate and empower. Today is the age of identity politics. We have to make a level playing field where all caste communities are at par each other. We firmly believe the ideals like liberty, equality and fraternity. Our aim is to convert Ezhuthachan youths internationally competitive in all professions. We are aiming for global citizen ship. We want to cultivate self-esteem and human values among us.

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